Cincinnati Nursting & Rehabilitation
Celebrating 50 Years of Caring

Rhazi Khodadad

Co-Medical Director

Dr. Khodadad is a board certified physician in Internal Medicine with experience in geriatric care. He was trained at Cincinnati’s Christ Hospital and practices both primary and long-term medicine locally. Membership in the American Medical Directors Assoc., combined with multiple directorship experience, provides the Hillebrand administration with current resources and consultation. Dr. Khodadad has been caring for Hillebrand residents since 2003 and joined the Hillebrand administration in 2004. Accessibility and patient advocacy is central to his philosophy of medical management. “In my opinion, the family culture and emphasis on quality care is the root of Hillebrand’s success. I’m pleased by staff concern and initiative regarding my patients. I look forward to continuing both a medical and administrative relationship with Hillebrand Nursing and Rehabilitation Center”