Rehabilitation Therapy

Hillebrand has one of the best in-house therapy departments in the region. Our therapy program provides residents with increased mobility, a higher level of independence, and an improved quality of life. Therapy programs are customized to our client’s unique need and the highlight of our program is the hundreds of participants who have regained their independence and are able to return home.

Physical Therapy

We offer full evaluation and treatment options for deficits in functional mobility, including transfers, gait, and wheelchair mobility. Treatment includes:

  1. Increased sitting, standing, walking, and balance
  2. Upper and lower body strengthening, range of motion and endurance retraining
  3. Caregiver training
  4. Home exercise program development

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy program increases functional ability for daily activities

  1. Evaluation and treatment for activities and daily living
  2. Instrumental activities of daily living
  3. Upper extremity/hand contracture re-training
  4. Treatments for sitting and positioning, standing and wheelchair mobility
  5. Caregiver training for successful transition back home

Speech Language Therapy

Our pathologists provide residents with treatments to increase abilities in swallowing, communication, and cognition.

  1. Treatment for individuals with swallowing difficulties
  2. Speech/language assessment and treatment
  3. Nursing and Dietary department cooperation to prevent weight loss
  4. Family education pre-transfer home for a smooth transition

Outpatient Therapy

All of our therapy services are also available to you on an outpatient basis, allowing you to come to Hillebrand to receive the therapy you need to continue to live at home. And if transportation poses a problem, consider using our wheel chair accessible van or passenger bus. This service allows you to come to Hillebrand for therapy without worrying about getting to and from our facility.

Skilled Nursing Care

When an acute injury or illness prevents you from recovering in our home, we offer skilled nursing services 24 hours a day. Supervision is provided around the clock, and our licensed nurses and state- tested nurse aids are highly trained in clinical assessment, and skilled in the delivery of care and assistance. We can develop a care plan based on your personalized needs so that you can stabilize and recover as quickly as possible.

At Hillebrand, you can also expect excellent supervised treatment, as our Medical Director brings decades of experience to geriatric care. Our Administrator, Director of Nursing, and in-house Nurse Practitioner have more than 27 years of experience serving in long term care facilities, and our six RN managers average over 15 years of longevity on our staff. The rest of our RN staff has been with Hillebrand an average of 12 years, and our Staff Development Educator has 40 years of experience serving the Hillebrand resident community. This longevity is unheard of in the long term care arena, and is a testimony to the power of family and community at our facility, and the belief that we really do deliver extraordinary care and community everyday.

For more information on Skilled Nursing Care at Hillebrand, please call (513) 574-4550.

Long Term Care Living

As you or a loved one face the challenge of continuing to live at home by yourself (or with the help of a care giver), consider Hillebrand for your long term care needs. The inability to perform normal daily living functions, such as bathing, getting dressed, eating, etc, may indicate its time to consider how joining the Hillebrand family can restore a sense of dignity and purpose to your life.

And with Hillebrand’s commitment to resident directed care, rest assured that any resident and family in our long term care program plays an integral role in the process of creating a care plan. The move into a facility is a major life step, and we must include you in determining your care plan, so life at Hillebrand resembles the routine you’ve always enjoyed. Come and see how long term care at Hillebrand gives you or your loved one back life on your own terms, following your own schedule. Early riser? We’ll say “Good morning!”.

Enjoy a shower before bed? We can make it happen. At Hillebrand, personalized resident directed care means you and your family set the schedule, and direct us on what will make your stay here most comfortable.

The challenges that accompany the care for someone living with memory impairment can be immense, and the longevity of those dealing with memory impairment can mean years of care without relief. At Hillebrand, we want to partner with caregivers, and offer specialized training and equipment to properly care for and attend to our residents with memory impairment. Our Facility is equipped with state of art technology, including the Secure Care system.

In addition, our commitment to resident directed care began with long term care residents. We recognized that while one’s memory may fade, a routine often does not. Therefore, we do everything possible to allow the resident and their family to direct their care plan, ensuring their routine stays consistent with what they enjoyed at their home.


We understand that transportation for outpatient rehabilitation appointments can often be a source of tension and frustration for a primary caregiver. That’s why Hillebrand offers licensed and trained drivers providing transportation services for our residents and clients. Contact us to learn more about how our safety-checked passenger bus and wheelchair accessible van can help relieve the stress of transportation from your care plan.


Hillebrand Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides an in-patient hospice unit, operated in tandem with several well-respected hospice companies in the tri-state region. We provide trained hospice staffing and care as an additional service to our residents, with all services billable to Medicare. Our Hospice Unit also includes specialized equipment, designed to provide care and comfort for our residents through the end of life.

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