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As you or a loved one face the challenge of continuing to live at home by yourself (or with the help of a care giver), consider Hillebrand for your long term care needs.

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Brandy Masminster WenningAdministrator

Rhazi KhodadadMedical Director

Michelle BryantDirector of Nursing

Why Choose Hillebrand Health


Hillebrand’s Rehabilitation Center is consistently rated top among independent Nursing Homes in the region. Year after year, we receive highest ratings on our Resident and Family Satisfaction Surveys. Our goal is to maintain the happiness, safety, and wellness of each individual who walks through our doors.


At Hillebrand, we know that our residents have a lifetime of knowledge and memories. We understand everyone has individual needs and our resident directed care program allows each resident to regulate many aspects of their daily living so they feel at home.


At Hillebrand, we are all about family. That is why our staff members average over 10 years of dedicated service.

Why Choose Hillebrand Health

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